My Journey to Health and Healing

I was born and grew up in Missouri and lived there for 33 years. My father was a horticulturalist and my mother a Home Economics major so I grew up with a focus on plants and flowers,  and an awareness of nutrition. I have always felt drawn to the ocean so I moved to Florida for 9 years. I was also drawn to alternative healers and chiropractors who did muscle testing and lots of other amazing things to keep me feeling great. So when I came down with chronic fatigue around 38, I looked for alternatives to get me back on track. I worked with a chiropractor/iridologist who did hair anaylsis, put me on a raw juice fast and introduced me to colonics. I stopped eating wheat and dairy. I sold my microwave, and stopped all wine and alcohol.

I got better than OK – I felt better than I had in years! I moved to California at 40 and was sure I had found the promised land! The weather, the food, the beauty . . . this must be heaven and why doesn’t everyone live here? Well, they practically do with the burgeoning population around 6 million in the bay area where I lived.

When I started having difficulties with parasites and all the chiropractors I could find couldn’t find the herbs to get them gone, I found the Balancing Center in Palo Alto with Priscilla Kapel.

What an amazing experience! I felt fantastic! Not only did my parasites go away, we balanced many aspects of my health. She also had classes and taught her amazing process. I studied and worked with her for 7 wonderful years and am forever grateful for her friendship and mentoring. I am so proud to be part of her Bioenergy Balancing family.

Living close to San Francisco I discovered Globe Light and Sound Institute. They have regular Sound Concerts and have classes and many amazing balancing Sound Tools. My favorite is their Sound Table. This is a massage table with special foam cushion and special speakers at precise places under the bed to create a sound energy experience that can balance and shift your energetic field. I was so thrilled with my experiences there that I purchased a table and now offer this process to clients in my office. I also use crystal bowls, bells, and tuning forks to clear and balance your energetic field.

At last the time came to leave California as my husband and I moved to his dream home in Talent Oregon! This is the land of millions of trees and it is very green and vibrant and the people are kind and helpful. We feel closer to nature in our new surroundings and are grateful to be able to live in this most amazing place..

I have always grown a garden or plants in pots to grow my own food. I have a great love of nutrition and using food to balance and cleanse the body and spirit. I do believe food and herbs are our best path to health and prevention of dis-ease and strive to educate and help others to explore these paths too.

I feel very blessed to have the ability to support others in their quest for health and happiness and wish you all the best of health, no matter what path you choose to get there!

Take care,


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  1. Joshua wethern
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 11:19:38

    Hey Charlotte it’s Joshua I took the Class with you in San Antonio. Look me up sometime my num is (870)416-0939. You have a face book page send me a friend request and I live in Harrison Arkansas now.


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