3. Biofeedback

SCIO is a computer software/hardware process utilizing biofeedback technology. It measures a response from the client and feeds it back to their body to reduce stress and promote more balanced energy. Many of the causes of dis-ease are beneath our conscious awareness. Our unconscious is much more aware of the disease causing factors that come at us.  Our unconscious reacts with subtle energetic changes in our electrical bodies. The SCIO helps your body detect and relieve stress to maintain a more balanced energy field. This process works to detect stress on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual. Included in the process are nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle choices like exercise, getting enough good water and some quality quiet time.

Your session can give you immediate feedback on what types of foods or supplements your body wants today.

The quantum nature of SCIO enables this process to work with clients in person or long distance.

This process is not designed to diagnose or treat disease. If you feel a disease process may exist, please seek a medical professional. If you are diagnosed with a serious condition, please inform your physician before starting any new programs.

This work is designed to support and complement  any medical, psychiatric, chiropractic or other discipline.

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