4. Sound Balancing

We are energy before matter! Our being-ness begins in the spirit world and began with light and sound. As we evolve we experience additional vibrations like petals of a rose surrounding our bright light being-ness. Utilizing sound to balance our energy field is dipping into some of our deepest and most profound balance states.

Listening to music without words speaks to the body in amazing ways! Sit and feel your body as you listed to wordless music. How do you feel with classical, new-age, jazz, rock, country etc. You can determine what is uplifting and what seems to imbalance your joy. Try singing along in non-word sounds. Feel the joy of your sounds in your body as you move to the music and set yourself free to be the joy you hold deep in your core.

Crystal bowls, tuning forks, brass bells and bowls and all instruments can have a powerful effect on our physical body. You must experience these to really understand how profoundly you can shift with merely a tone!

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