What’s Holding You Back?

Do you sometimes wonder how your life turned out the way it has? Do you want something different? Are you living your dream life? What’s missing? Are you caught in habits or patterns that are no longer serving your highest good?

We sometimes have “emotional baggage” from our past that is affecting our life today. If we experience painful or traumatic events, we can have part of our energy split off – into a kind of bubble. This bubble holds the emotional charge of that moment in time an that age indefinitely until we release that charge. Sometimes it releases naturally on its own and it fades into a distant memory. Occasionally it bounces against our current self causing stress. This can cause our emotions to flare up from time to time create a response that is not proportionate to the current event.

We can pick up emotional patterns from those around us when we were growing up. Some of these patterns may hold us back in our adult life. The bottled up emotions of our caregivers read louder to infants and young children than the words we don’t yet understand. These patterns impress upon us feelings we have no point of reference to understand. These subconscious patterns can create varied issues in our mental and emotional adulthood.

Bioenergy Balancing is a process where we look at your stress – where you are in your life – what is holding you back? Is there something from your past that is no longer relevant that you are ready to release?

Time for emotional closet cleaning! You can feel energized and lighter releasing old stuck traumas and affirming the true positive beliefs that guide your path today.