It’s winter . . everybody gets sick. Right?

Well not necessarily! Do we have less hours of sunlight here in the Northern Hemisphere during winter? Yes! We also have much less exposure to the sun due to its extreme angle and cooler temperatures. This can contribute to less vitamin D in our system creating conditions ripe for depression, weakened immune systems, less physical activity, craving for comfort foods – maybe less fruits and vegetables and even cravings for sweets. All these life style shifts have an impact on our health and well being.

Good news! We can manage a lot of these shifts back towards a more balanced state! Not everyone gets sick so some immune systems can handle these conditions better than others. If you are one who seems to get what’s going around each year and some times more than once, maybe you should consider trying a few new things!

Cod liver oil is a great source of natural vitamin D. Taken during winter it can help bring your D levels back to balance. Focus on eating more fruits and veggies – more salads and smoothies, and vegetable soup is a wonderful way to get lots of vegetables and warm yourself up at the same time!

Adding a vitamin C supplement as well as zinc can boost the immune system and help withstand temperature shifts and exposure to winter weather.

Now if you are diligently taking vitamin D and still can’t seem to make it work, perhaps there are other issues at hand! Sometimes a lack of gallbladder functioning can prevent assimilation of fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E, and K. Emotions, toxins, allergies can all affect an organs ability to function fully and can be assessed and shifted with proper support. Another aspect can be a “D” allergy caused by humiliation over getting a D as a grade. After clearing the old emotions, the D can usually be assimilated and balanced again! Occasionally someone may have a gene blocking the assimilation of Vitamin D. Receptors called VDR’s account for how your DNA receives this important vitamin. In some cases a narrow band UVB lamp can allow the body to receive this important vitamin made in your skin and remarkably improve immune, digestion, hormone and brain functioning.

Discovering what you need to do to keep fit and healthy through all four seasons can be an exciting and fun adventure!

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