Don’t You Just Love Vegetables?

In 2013 I explored adding more and more plant based foods to my diet and less animal based foods. The result after over 3 months is that I have fallen totally in LOVE with the amazing variety of plant based foods and the way they make me feel. I do not believe that everyone should be vegan, but if you are suffering from a serious or chronic condition, it would be worth looking into more plant based foods – and especially organic!

I have created many new and very exciting recipes as well as found many things I love in cookbooks! I just can’t get enough beans!! In California the farmers markets have many types of locally raised heirloom beans that I have never seen in a store and they are so amazing! I have not gone completely vegan as I really love goat and sheep cheese and I have had 2-3 servings of fish over the last 3 months and 1 serving of turkey. However I must say, I get more excited about my vegetarian dishes these days.

A quick and simple recipe for sweet potato is to peel and slice and steam until soft. Mash in canned crushed pineapple, sunflower seeds, garlic, organic soy sauce, some fresh chopped ginger root and enjoy! It tastes just like heaven!! For extra flavor add some coconut oil, either way you won’t be sorry!

Protein is a combination of amino acids found in most foods – vegetables – fruits – nuts and seeds – grains – legumes – oh yes and fish and animal products. Combining all the plant based foods in amazing meals is like creating a symphony for dinner! You can get a full array of amino acids with a large variety of plant based foods.

I also notice that my teeth do not get the abundant plaque and tarter that I got when I ate more animal products. My Dentist confirmed my finding with my easiest cleaning to date and only half the time since I saw him was I mostly vegetarian! There are direct correlations between plaque on teeth and plaque in hearts and veins – how amazing to reverse that process with just your food!

Eating a mostly plant based – whole food – diet costs less money, is heart healthy, gives you more energy, boosts the immune system and could just save your life! What are you waiting for??

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Greg and Charlotte