These 5 Things Can Help Keep You Safe and Healthy

Many people want to know what simple things they can do to help keep and protect the health of their family, pets and loved ones. This list is by no means comprehensive – but is a fantastic start!

1. Drink good water. Tap water frequently is “made safe” using chemicals like chlorine, Chloramine, and fluoride. These chemicals are difficult for our liver, kidneys and brains to handle. Spring and uncontaminated well water are the best containing natural minerals and no toxic items. Reverse osmosis is a great way to get the chemicals out but strips necessary minerals so add minerals back to keep balanced. Many bottled waters are very pure and easy to obtain even in remote places. I bought good bottled water on the Great Wall of China! The best container to carry water is glass as it does not leach contaminates into your good water.

2. Stop microwaving anything you or those you love ingest. You will hear a lot of miss-information regarding the use of micro-wave ovens, however I believe they alter the nutritional value of everything they heat and can inversely impact the nutritional value of the food. Using a simple steamer or convection oven is almost as fast the much safer.

3. Keep your teeth and mouth safe by stopping all products with fluoride and removing amalgam fillings. Fluoride and mercury are not safe for human bodies. Read the book the Fluoride Deception to understand the history and use of fluoride. And as for mercury – it is a hazardous material that requires special handling and masks for dental workers but it is fine in our mouth! Rubbish! It is still toxic. To remove these fillings you need to work with a dentist who uses special equipment so the residue is well contained. Biological or Holistic dentists will have mercury-free offices and be skilled at removing these items.

4. Look for organic and local whole foods and decrease your consumption of “prepared foods.”
 Everyone knows organic is more expensive Рbut in the long run, you stay healthier and probably have less medical costs. Farmers markets and natural food stores do their best to provide fresh, local, organic foods. By local Рkeep the money at home! Prepared foods are packed with chemicals to keep them on the shelf a loooong time. Unfortunately they do not help us to live a long time as they stress the bodies liver and kidneys and digestive tract so that we become toxic and have less energy.

5. Use natural laundry and personal care products. The highly scented products so popular today are actually neuro-toxins. These items can disrupt the neurotransmitters in our brain which could have many effects such as depression, manic behavior, brain fog, weight gain, and more. Clean clothes should have no scent – just not smell bad! Natural personal care products will help your kidney and liver not have to filter out toxic chemicals applied to our skin and hair. There are many natural products in all categories of personal care including hair dye!

Have a natural, safe, healthy and happy fall!

Take care,