Label GMO Is On The CA November Ballot!

It was an amazing journey, gathering signatures and educating the public on what is happening to our food and especially the seeds from which they grow. There is amazing passion out there regarding the pro’s and con’s of this issue and sadly many are not as well educated as they could be on this issue. The FDA did zero testing of this technology because “GMO corn looks and tastes just like Non-GMO corn” so it was considered GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe ( Independent studies have shown anomalies in reproductive abilities among other alarming changes in physiology. Actual studies by the FDA would be prudent. If they are safe, this would be confirmed, and if not – we would actually understand more about how these things interact with nature. The loose cannon with this type of technology is plants are not contained in a laboratory – they cross pollinate in uncontrollable ways with unknown results. The current technology utilizes dangerous bacteria,  viruses, and antibiotic resistant genes to achieve DNA reprogramming. We are not clear on how these components affect current and future human immune systems.We will be ramping up for the November election by giving talks and movies to help people understand more about this important topic. If you want to know more about the changes to our food watch “The Future of Food” movie available on NetFlix ( and other sites. For more information on GMO technology see:

Watch this amazing video on “You Tube” where an MD with secondary progressive MS took her health into her own hands and went from a wheel chair to mountain biking 8 miles a day by changing her diet.

Summer is just around the corner and the Farmers Markets are really ramping up. I recently purchased a Vita Mix and have been making glorious breakfasts and other dishes utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables in ways never before possible! This is the perfect fix for a mom with picky eaters – throw that vegetable they won’t eat (cabbage, broccoli, peas etc.) into a smoothie with fruits, juice and ice and you have a healthy sorbet that tastes great! This is the perfect quick breakfast or meal to take in the car or bike that is full of plant fiber and antioxidants. Your digestive and cardiovascular system will rejoice! I add some whey protein, flax or chia seeds, goji berries, coconut, and you have enough protein to keep you going for hours! A regular blender works well if you don’t have a Vita Mix – the Vita Mix actually blends the tiny seeds of raspberries to nothing and you don’t have to chop the fruits and veggies into small pieces because the industrial strength engine can plow through most anything. It also can cook soups and there is so much friction the foods heat up and steam comes off the top! Amazing! Perfect for a summer dinner of soup and salad – all fresh from your garden and farmers market!

And last for those who are not convinced that the “Western Diet” is all that harmful, I suggest watching the movie “Forks Over Knives” ( as they explore the reality that with all our modern advances in science, medicine and food production, diabetes, obesity and cancer are modern day epidemics.

The weather is great these days so get out there and soak up some sunshine and enjoy your fruits and veggies!

Take care,