February 2012 – Smartmeters Can Be Removed!

Thanks to CPUC who voted recently to allow those who request and will pay to have their Smartmeters removed! I highly recommend this action as there is mounting evidence that these meters are sending microwave signals 24/7 which can be harmful to your health. Anyone with headaches, insomnia, or immune issues that are not resolving in a normal way – check your utility meters to see if they are analog or do they say “Smartmeter”.

New Leaf has opened a new store in San Jose! They are a Santa Cruz based health food store with very good standards for meats and vegetables. They always buy local and organic when possible and do not import “organic” food from China to sell in their stores. They work with local farmers to bring us the freshest and healthiest food possible. Please check out their website: http://www.newleaf.com for the store closest to you!

Another favorite store for me is Nob Hill on Grant Road in Mountain View. Nob Hill has a large organic produce section and sells orgainc eggs, dairy, and meats. Their produce is fresh and wonderful. They also have a large natural foods and vitamin section. The staff in this store are very helpful and friendly!

Do check “My Favorite Things” section as I have added more recipes. My best easy dinner recently was Tilapia breaded with cornmeal and fried in coconut oil, mashed sweetpotato with ginger and coconut, steamed artichokes with garlic and basil and a large salad.

The GMO petitions are almost ready for signatures. Please sign and support keeping engineered foods labeled so you know what you are eating. Engineered foods have herbicides and pesticides spliced into their DNA – it cannot be washed off and can combine with your intestinal flora to create herbicides and pesticides in your intestines. It is a HUGE health issue – not to mention it poisons the planet and kills insects.

Enjoy the fabulous light winter – we would love rain but always love sun!

Have a fabulous February!