Winter 2012

Happy 2012! This is looking like a very exciting year with many opportunities for growth and expansion. I am excited to be working on the “label GMO” project to get this issue on the November ballot. We need to know what we are eating! I am not in favor of engineered foods. Who could do better than Mother Nature after all!

I am also cautioning clients regarding the PG&E SmartMeter. It is not turning out to be as smart as we had hoped! This meter is constantly sending information to PG&E regarding our electric usage via radio waves. This is similar to having a cell tower on your house! They claim it is as harmless as many home appliances. But I can choose how often my microwave operates (never for food!) and whether I hold my cell phone and use speaker phone or not. I have no choice about my dumb SmartMeter. I have seen several people have serious immune challenges after these meters were installed. Consumers beware! Not all technology is biologically friendly! These machines send radiation all around the neighborhood and cities where they are installed.

We are having warmer weather than normal which means my garden still has a few green things growing! We are hoping for rain – it must be coming soon! Meanwhile, the Farmers Markets are still doing well.

My favorite markets are Cupertino on Fridays, Campbell and Menlo Park on Sundays. Cupertino and Campbell both have Orgainc Pastures Raw Dairy products. They are the best ever! Menlo Park has fantastic mushrooms, herbs, and so many organic vegetables! If you don’t know these markets, please check them out soon. You will be glad you did!

Happy organic eating!