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It is October and I have added a lot of new things to my site. Thank you all for your kind suggestions. I also did some re-structuring and have moved all my favorite things – recipes, books, websites etc. into the “Some of My Favorite Things” page to keep the site more organized.That is a great page to look at frequently as I constantly add new favorites!

My healing work is at the top with numbers to keep them together and the easiest to find.

Farmers Markets are the best food on earth! Don’t you just love walking down the isles of all that beautiful fresh produce? Many vendors have signs stating Organic, while others do not. I have found if you ask the vendor if they have any produce without herbicides or pesticides, many of them do not use these things on all their food. The certification for organic costs MEGA bucks and small farmers cannot afford to go through that process.

Also, the best deals at the market are in the last half hour. Most vendors do not want to take food home and some will discount their prices for you if you ask.

October means lots of people buy pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns. Save those seeds as you scrape out the center. They are very nutritious and easy to make. Pull off as much of the slimy orange stringy stuff as possible but do not wash the seeds, a little orange stuff adds a great flavor. Place them in a skillet – preferably cast iron – with olive oil or butter and slowly saute/roast until seed are toasted. Salt to taste!

Pumpkin seeds are full of protein, minerals and fiber and taste fantastic!

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Have a fabulous fall!

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